Video is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to property marketing. According to Hubspot, video increases inquiries about a property by up to 403%. That is why we offer property video walkthroughs as a marketing service. A seamless and professional video tour of your home that can be used to advertise your home online, and speed up the sale.


What’s Involved?


To shoot our video walkthroughs we use a steadicam, which produces smooth, stabilized footage. We then shoot the video, moving smoothly from one room to the next to create a video that feels like you’re taking a tour of the house. Our videos are usually shot in one take, however this does depend on the size of your property as to whether or not this is possible.


In editing we may make some cuts to make sure the video isn’t too long, we aim to keep the feel of a walkthrough, so these cuts are kept to a minimum.




How to Prepare


Through our experience shooting video walkthroughs, we’ve found that the best content is produced from a property that has been prepared. The video is a virtual tour of your home – it’s essentially a property viewing for thousands of people to see online. So you want to make sure the property is looking it’s best!


We don’t just mean clean and tidy (although of course, having the home spick and span is obviously very important too). There’s other preparations to do that you may not have thought of.


It’s important to hide any signs of the following items:


  • Pets. Animals are associated with the outdoors and dirt. Hiding every sign of your pets such as their toys or beds will give the overall impression of a cleaner house.


  • Clutter. This may sound obvious but we mean anything and everything from your iPhone on the table, to stacks of magazines all over the living room. Clutter looks messy on camera.


  • Cables and Appliances. You may not consider these messy as they are every day items, but nothing looks messier on camera than a tangle of cables. It’s better to put away charging cables and appliances such as hairdryers, electric toothbrush chargers etc.


  • Children’s toys. Even organised into baskets, children’s toys can look untidy; it’s better to put them out of view.


  • Toiletries. Bathrooms look much cleaner when items such as soap, toothbrushes and other toiletries aren’t on show.


Removing these items from view will allow us to produce video content that shows your home at it’s best. Other preparations you can make are include ensuring all curtains are fully opened to allow us to shoot in the best light. And turning off all distractions such as TV, radio or music.


What are the benefits of a property video walkthrough?


Although still photography is an essential tool in property marketing, video is a lot better at providing an overall feel of your home. As it is shot in one take (depending on the size of the property), it seamlessly flows from one room to the next. This way, viewers can really experience how the rooms fit together and how the house feels as a whole, rather than viewing each room separately.


It may seem like a lot of effort to go through when you could just use still photography to advertise your home. However, with a video included in your property listing your home could receive up to 4x as much interest than listings solely relying on still photography! With this increased attention it is more likely that your property will sell a whole lot faster. Not only that, but only 12% of estate agents are currently using video in their property marketing, giving you a huge head start over other similar properties in your area.



Video is extremely useful for marketing purposes, and is likely to be used more and more in the future.


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