We have photographed many properties including residential, commercial & leisure. We produce professional images to promote the best assets your property has to offer. The correct lens and lighting can transform the image and increasingly, companies such as Airbnb are insisting on professional photography for their listing sites.

Many of our shots have been featured in magazines such as Bath Life and The Bath Magazine.

Benefits of professional Photography:

  • Before and after photographs of construction/renovation work.
  • Professional quality images improve the look of a webpage, and are more visually impressive.
  • When purchased as part of the Premium Property Marketing package a viewer will connect the images with what they’ve seen in the walkthrough giving them a complete concept of the property.
  • The viewer can also use the photographs to gain a closer look at details that may have caught their attention while watching the walkthrough and aerial footage.



We use the very latest in Drone technology to create bird’s eye footage of the property from the best viewpoint.

Some properties benefit from being situated in amongst paddock or pastureland and only an aerial photograph can put the property into context. Similarly if there is an impressive landmark, coastline or building close-by then an aerial shot will capture this.

We take our drone operations very seriously. We have specialist insurance and have Permission for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Benefits of Aerial Photography:

  • Aerial photography is a visually impressive addition, and so gives your property an advantage over competitors.
  • Aerial photographs have entertainment value and therefore have an increased chance of being shared online, having the potential to reach a larger audience.
  • An aerial view of a property can also be useful for building surveys during construction, demolition works or even to evaluate storm damages.
  • Can be used to create records for before and after construction works.



The benefits of aerial photography in a commercial capacity are huge. SUAV (small unmanned aerial vehicles) AKA “Drones” have opened up many possibilities that otherwise would have been financially restrictive. The camera technology used on SUAV’s has evolved very quickly and is now on a par with the latest digital cameras.

Legislation has also improved for commercial drone pilots and so once permission for Commercial operations has been obtained from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Companies like us are then able to get suitable insurance and operate legally.

We take our drone operations very seriously and each site is surveyed before any flight takes place to ensure all conditions are the best they can be to ensure the best shots.

Examples of commercial/ surveying work:

  • Derelict building surveys
  • Land auctions
  • Planning applications
  • Marketing material


Above is an example of a customer testimonial filmed recently for a client.


There is nothing quite like a video to tell a story. It can be extremely difficult to describe an experience, write a testimonial or explain a sales opportunity.

Video does this with the push of a button and even better, videos can be easily shared via email or social media.

We use lightweight filming equipment and professional editing suites to produce your video. Music and graphics will further enhance the viewer experience.